Updated 6/25/08

Here I will be listing clothing and other various items for sale that are ready for purchase. For more information on the product or to find out if I still have it in stock, please email me at 

Note: If there is an item here that you like but isn't your size or has already been sold, I would be happy to make it for you in a size that fits you.

Click on the pictures below for larger images and more info on each product.




 Magenta Silk Faille Dress





 Cotton Print Dress (with piecing)




 Toilet Sachet (Copied from Godey's - 3 items in stock)


Quilted Hood - Emerald Green Silk (price cut)



Quilted Hood - Magenta Silk Faille (price cut)




Sheer Net Bonnet




Hairnet #1




Hairnet #2




Hairnet #3



Hairnet #4





 Little Girl's Dress Size 4 (price cut)





Ashe's Civil War Items for Sale




Net Fichu Sold




Godey's Toilet Sachet Sold (Will make more upon  request)



Quilted Hood - Lavender Striped Silk Sold




Green Silk Bonnet Sold Pending Payment




Hairnet Sold





 Silk Mantle Sold





Ashe's Civil War Items for Sale





Little Girl's Dress Size 12 Sold







  Green Wool Winter Paletot Sold








Brown Cotton Print Dress Sold





Hairnet Sold









Hairnet Sold






Hairnet Sold









Fur Trimmed Winter Hood Sold





Summer Silk Paletot Sold





Drawn Bonnet -Sold




Silk Taffeta Gown with Chocolate Silk Trimming -Sold





Green/White Check Sheer Day Dress -Sold






Fancy Dress Apron -Sold





 Royal Blue/Black Shot Silk Dress -Sold  






Printed Cotton Day Dress -Sold





  Decorated Hairnet -Sold






Decorated Hairnet -Sold




 Decorated Hairnet -Sold





 Rainbow SNOOD