Rainbow Snood

Here is a lovely RAYON snood in multiple rainbow colors. This way it will match ANY outfit you want to wear and in the long run, SAVES you money! What a good deal! The perfect snood to wear while sitting by the campfire singing a favorite song like "Oh My Dreaded Farby Snood." Donít pass this opportunity by. You may not get another chance like this!!!



A note on hairnets and snoods:

Some of you may be wondering why I have this up for sale. Actually, it's not really for sale. It all started as a joke. Someone dared me to put up a snood for sale in my ready-mades section for 24 hours (although, I'm going to keep it up for longer). I wasn't really sure at first, but went along and did it. At first I thought this might lower my reputation because it might look like I was really trying to sell this, this... *thing*, but I found out later that many people thought it was a good comparison to what was actually worn in the mid 19th century and what was not. Snoods were most definitely not worn. That's something worn in the 1940s. Now that I've been getting more into WWII reenacting, I don't know if I even want to wear a snood as I've been against it for so long! But I guess as long as it's not for the Civil War era, it's probably okay.  Fine hairnets were worn for the mid 19th century. (You probably came across a few that I had made in the ready-mades section.) A lot of reenactors think that slapping on a snood over your hair is a quick way to get a period style or to cover up short hair. Well, sorry folks, but that wasn't done. The correct way to wear a hairnet (NOT a snood, mind you) is to fix your hair in a period style first than you place the hairnet over your styled hair. Hairnets can also be decorated with ribbons and other decorative items, as my hairnets are. I have found hairnets are especially nice for keeping your styled hair in place all day and are a very pretty accessory. So, with that said, I hope I haven't ruined my reputation by putting up this monstrosity. And no, it's not really for sale. Sorry. :-)

An additional note:

Some of you have inquired about getting the words to the song "Oh My Dreaded Farby Snood." I'm sorry to say this, but I do not have the words or music to this song. If anyone has this information, I'd love it if you could send it to me.