The Pardessus Danois

Peterson's Magazine. August, 1863

By Emily H. May

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Our full-sized pattern, this month, is that of the Pardessus Danois. The pattern consists of three pieces, namely, the top part of back and front, our paper not allowing us to give the full length to the pattern, the middle of back must be 37 1/4 inches from the top to the bottom; the edge of front must be 30 1/2 inches, and the length of side seam 23 inches. In the sleeves, the seam at the back of the arm is left open at the bottom as far as the notch: this style of sleeve is in great favor, as is also the wide pagoda. This Pardessus is generally made in the same material as the dress, the trimming to correspond. The lengths we have given are for a lady of medium height, and they may have to be slightly increased or reduced as required by the height of the wearer.


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Name for Marking


The Naim Cloak

Peterson's Magazine, 1863

Our diagram, this month, is of a fashionable cloak, called The Naim Cloak in Paris. An engraving of the cloak is given above. It is a paletot pattern and is made short. The material may be either cloth, velvet, or thick silk. The ornaments consist of binding arranged in arabesques.
No. 1. Front of cloak.
No. 2. Side.
No. 3. One half of back.
No. 4. Sleeve.
Those who copy this pattern must be careful to lengthen the side 30 C, (12 inches) from the places marked with crosses, following the bias, in order to have sufficient length and fullness. The same must be done with NO. 3 back, except that it must be lengthened 45 C (18 inches), from the crosses.





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